Throw away your sky high heels and snag yourself a pair of comfy and chic sneakers. Although Converse with dresses have been a trend for teenagers for awhile now, it’s only recently that EVERYONE has been wearing sneakers with their dresses, rompers, jeans, shorts, and of course, jeans.

And it’s not just Converse. Adidas specifically¬†has been emerging, with teens, models, and fashion icons alike. Whether is is basketball styled Yeezys or classic white Converse, this trend is coming in fast and furious.

Will you be joining the trend?

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Kisses, Elizabeth





Say goodbye to collars and hello lace-up tops! The high collared shirts are on their way out and the sexy lace-up tops are rolling in. Lace-up tops are a perfect top, with sexy vibes as well as relaxed. It is pulled together yet relaxed. The ties are almost like jewelry, and just a simple top with jeans is adorable and so in. The ties cover cleavage, however, give you a bit of a peek, causing a teasing effect that is to die for. Watch out for the heavy flow of lace-up tops that will be hitting the rack ASAP.

Kisses, Elizabeth




Oh. My. Goodness. Backpacks are finally in!

As someone who hates heavy handbags constantly weighing you down, I freaked out the second I saw this trend, I ran out to my local Urban Outfitters and bought my own leather backpack.

Backpacks are a convenience chic, as I like to call them. They look adorable and leave you with full arm movement. And the perfect part is that designers all over and starting to make their own leather backpacks, leaving you with a large pool of options for exactly what style you want. Backpacks are chic, easy, and go with any outfit.

Will you be joining or fighting this trend? Comment below.

Kisses, Elizabeth




Vest: Boutique // Dress: Zara // Necklace:Quirk Gallery // Shoes: Zara

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Hope everyone is having a lovely day with their hubby. Or, if you’re single like me, an AMAZING day with your girlfriends. For me, this day is known as “Galentine’s Day”–my friends and I go to brunch, give each other presents, and watch romantic movies together. Frankly, way better than Valentine’s Day if you ask me.

Hope everyone treats themselves today¬†because you deserve it! I’m off to watch the Notebook and eat Kit Kats. ūüôā

Kisses (and much love), Elizabeth






Shirt: Vineyard Vines // Skirt: J Crew // Shoes: LuLu’s

Hello, lovelies!

Sorry I’ve gone a bit rogue, in blogging and on Instagram. This week at school was a real monster, with assignment after assignment due. However, the weekend is here, as well as Valentine’s Day (!!), which means lots more Elizabeth! Also on the bright side, I’m turning 16/4 in 16 days!

Despite the freezing weather here in Virginia, I really wanted to post an outfit with these gorgeous shoes.¬†I bought these shoes from this adorable online store, Lulu’s, and it’s fairly easy to say I’m obsessed. They’re not as comfortable as I wish they were, but their¬†appearance¬†makes up for it. If they were just a tinsy bit more comfortable, I would honestly wear them every day.

Watch out for LOTS of outfit and brunch posts over the next two weeks with Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s brunch, and my birthday party next weekend! Oh, also look out for a “Sweet Sixteen” post. ūüôā

What is your favorite pair of cute but sadly uncomfortable shoes? Comment below.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Saturday!

Kisses, Elizabeth



Shirt: Anthropologie // Overalls: TopShop

Hello, lovelies! Happy Saturday!

I was pretty proud of myself this morning-I woke up at 9:00, went to yoga, ate brunch, and have done a lot of blog stuff today. Expect lots of new stuff this week ;).

This outfit is so fitting for the current Virginia weather-oddly breezy and nice. It was about 50 today, so I decided to unpack the overalls and give them a breath of fresh air. This blouse has been hiding in the back of my closet for the better part of a year, so I also decided to give it a spin. I hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday!

Kisses, Elizabeth